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Linggo, Disyembre 4, 2011

Great Opt-in Coversion with this FB OneClick Lead Generation

FB OneClick Lead Generator

Increase opt-in conversions up to 200%. Eliminate traditional forms.
    Choose exactly what information you want to capture.

    Automatically update your Aweber/MailChimp email lists.

    Increase your leads by our One-Click method

    Beside boring and old opt-in forms, now you can capture leads in a much more easy & cool way, simply place a Facebook button on your website! When a user clicks this, you captured a new lead!

    Export to Aweber and Mailchimp

    View your leads and export them to Aweber or Mailchimp, you can download an Excel with all the information.

    Capture more Information and Personalize

    Choose any extra information to capture, like birthdays, hometowns, favorites movies and more. Also you can use your own Facebook Button design!

    With this Viral Tool, you will increase even MORE your lead generation!
    Everytime a new lead connects, you will have the chance to reach to 25 friends of the new lead, cool isn't?
    Im sure this is a great stuff for you.

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